MSc Applied Positive Psychology
(Cambridge, England)

BSc Psychology
(Landau, Germany)

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator
(Paris, France)

Muriel Böttger – Psychologist and Speaker

Muriel is a psychologist specialized in Positive Psychology, the science of optimum human functioning. She focuses on helping both companies and individuals to flourish, providing in-depth company workshops, one to one coaching and talks on positive psychology and its daily application.

Her popular weekly podcast series ‘Share & Grow’ includes topics on personal growth, decision-making, use of strengths and balance to help individuals and companies live a fulfilled and happy life.

Based in Cologne, Muriel is fluent in English and German. Her clients include Spotify, Thoughtworks, Jobteaser, SpacePilots and many more as well as individuals who come to her for one to one coaching.